Troubles with SFS2X on osX

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Re: Troubles with SFS2X on osX

Postby eugenofarm » 10 Nov 2017, 10:59


By the way, I would ask here to not create another topic about sendExtension

I am connected to Samrtfoxserver, Status is OK. Also joined and status is confirmed that I am logged in.
Am connected and BasicExamle zone. I can send an extension if I am not join to any room
For example in ObjectiveC I can use sendExtension in different syntaxes. but in Swift is just one

sfs.send(ExtensionRequest(extCmd: "", params: sfsObj, room: ???, isUDP: false)

it ask to insert the room , and I think that's why I don't receive extension response

I have tried to join the room but here the same syntax thing, it is just one syntax sfs?.send(JoinRoomRequest(id: 0))
to insert tne name of the room give a error message but with id :0 (The lobby) doesn't join

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Re: Troubles with SFS2X on osX

Postby Lapo » 10 Nov 2017, 11:25

If you want to call a Zone Extension you can pass nil for the Room value. (in other words no Room)
Hope it helps
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