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External tutorials and resources

Postby ThomasLund » 16 Dec 2010, 06:30

Here is a list of external tutorials and resources for SFS2X and Unity

If you have something to contribute, simply PM me or reply to this thread and I'll add it.

Dont forget to check the official documentation:



Unity 3d, Symfony, SmartFoxServer setup and integration
http://mmocraftershaven.blogspot.com/20 ... setup.html
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Postby dragagon » 16 Dec 2010, 16:07

Hi everyone,

I have a series of blog entries that detail starting from scratch and working its way up to messaging between Unity3D and SmartFox. We use a few other technologies to handle a web application side. So if you are interested in getting a Web Application up and running with Symfony that SmartFox uses the database from to validate users and talks with Unity3D then tune in starting here.

If you only care about messages between Unity3D and SmartFox you can follow along starting at part 8 where we begin working with the Extension and work our way up to passing a public key between the server and client.
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Postby Georgie » 17 Dec 2010, 13:09

Thanks Dragagon!
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Postby dragagon » 02 Jun 2011, 20:08

Last time I posted I was part way through with my current development. I have now completed what I call part 1. It takes you from nothing to having a web server, Smart Fox Server 2x, and a Unity3d client that can create an account, connect, log in with encryption, create characters, and select a character. I'm going to take some time to rework my current code set to be a little better. This was just a rough pass at getting things object oriented and up and running. My plans are to refine how things are done currently. This will include making a base to build off of. Basically I'm looking at making encrypted and unencrypted versions of all the current messages, making the ability to register through the client for those that don't want to use symfony, and cleaning up what I feel is ugly code. This can then be packaged up into a simple java class library, unity package, and set of sql scripts for anyone to use.

In case you missed my last post, my blog can be found here and my github repository for all my code can be found here

Thanks for checking it out and hopefully it helps people out. Enjoy!

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