[NEW] API v1.7.3 (w/ binary protocol) + updated examples released

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[NEW] API v1.7.3 (w/ binary protocol) + updated examples released

Postby Bax » 08 Jun 2017, 16:25

We just released version 1.7.3 of the SFS2X C# API.

If your target platform in Unity is WebGL, this is a milestone release in our API roadmap!
In fact this version brings full compatibility with the default binary protocol of SmartFoxServer 2X over websocket connection, introduced in version 2.13 of our server.
With the new protocol you will get rid of a number of data type conversion issues which were due to the previous text protocol.
To take advantage of the new protocol, configure SFS2X appropriately (see the Websocket paragraph) and update your client passing the UseWebSocket.WS_BIN constant (or WSS_BIN) to the SmartFox class constructor. The previous UseWebSocket.WS / WSS constants are still available for backward compatibility.

This new version also fixes a few other issues collected recently thanks to developers feedback. Thank you!
We also took the opportunity to update the examples package with the new API, also making it fully compatible with Unity 5.6.

You can get the new API here: http://www.smartfoxserver.com/download/sfs2x#p=client
And the updated examples here: http://www.smartfoxserver.com/download/sfs2x#p=examples
Paolo Bax
The SmartFoxServer Team

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