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Video tutorial

Posted: 07 Jun 2012, 04:15
by RVS
Hi Friends,
I want to start multiuser game with smartfoxServer 2X on unity3d game engine But I have not any idea how to start MultiPlayer gaming with smartFoxServer 2X. I know unity networking programming. So here please help me, If any body have video tutorial for learning smartFoxServer 2X programming with server side extension..
Please give me I am ready for pay for video tutorial series.

Re: Video tutorial

Posted: 07 Jun 2012, 08:03
by Jake-GR
I have made some videos on my YouTube channel here, and the videos can also be found by checking out the Video Tutorial section on the main page.
My videos are still extremely basic, so might not be what you are looking for though.

Now that I put in my (shameless) plug, its time for the quintessential forum post comment.
Using the search feature of this site will bring up some results (including mine), also Google and YouTube search features should be helpful.
(don't mean to be rude, but most topics like this end up going unanswered, and didn't want a potential user to put-off from this great product hehe)