MP with SFSPro and Unity3.4 - Dont see other Player

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MP with SFSPro and Unity3.4 - Dont see other Player

Postby unkelo » 30 Jan 2012, 20:00

Hi Smartfox Community,

I used that Tutorial to learn about Network and to integrate Multiplayer into my Project. ... x_tutorial

I startet it many times and allways the same Failure on Unity3.4
I cant see other Player on the Scene .
The Login Works and the Chat works too.

I have no Debug Infos or Errors so i dont know where i should search.
Only in the Editor i see the instantiate Player that he is on Position -10000 -10000 -10000 that comes from the PlayerSpawnController.
If i took them on the floor i can see the Animations and the Model.
Sometimes i see two remotePlayers but it must only one because i was conected ony with editor and client build.

Eventually anyone can help me out.
I would prefer the SFS2x but theire i come only with the simliar Tutorial to the LoginScene and not any further.
Login works theire too .

I am thankful for every hint ;-)

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Postby appels » 31 Jan 2012, 08:14

That tutorial is for SFS v1.
For SFS v2 you can add traces to your extensions and see where it hangs.

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