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Need more smartfox tutorials

Posted: 26 Sep 2011, 22:45
by foxter888
So far the fps tutorial even do it explains how things work it doesn't seems informative enough, is there anyone that can make the fps tutorial into a video tutorial?
Or at least something simple like cubes being instantiated and moved around.
Its pretty hard for me to get a grasp on smartfox when it comes to learning about sending and receiving messages, and please don't tell me to look at the documentation or api, that's why I posted this because its not enough

Posted: 27 Sep 2011, 05:32
by Bax
Did you check the Client folder in your SFS installation? It contains 3 Unity examples, going from basic connection to a turn based game.
Maybe you should start with those examples, before putting your hands on a much more complex FPS type of game.

Posted: 27 Sep 2011, 10:50
by appels
If you realy want to learn the ins and outs of the FPS demo, disecting it is the best way to learn it. It takes some time but definately worth it. I don't think anyone would make a full video tutorial for the FPS demo, it would take hours and hours and hours. What i did was follow the flow of the code just up to the spawning of the player and ripped everything out that wasn't needed and then build upon it. Once you grasp that flow you will understand much better.

Posted: 27 Sep 2011, 11:07
by foxter888
I always ends up to the point in which I'm able to connect, now the rest about things like sending messages around I'm having problems, that's why I'm along for help but no one seems to get my message across

Posted: 27 Sep 2011, 11:12
by appels
We get your message but you will not find a tutorial that covers the whole path. You can find some about different aspects of the SFS application but the game logic itself is something different. You will just need to dig deeper or try harder.

Posted: 27 Sep 2011, 11:31
by foxter888
pretty much the way i'm looking at it is that the fpd tutorial seems a bit too advanced that it is, trying to read both the server side code and the client code for unity seems hard knowing or trying to figure out how it's working. that's why i tried asking for a video tutorial and hopefully they go by doing it from scratch or something simple like cubes and so on.

i'm not trying to go crazy creating a massive game i'm trying to learn how to use smartfox2x but the support doesn't seems to help so much, honestly one tutorial it's not enough. the fps tutorial it's been out for quite sometime. don't you think it would be good to at least have a channel dedicated for unity?? if not at least video tutorial showing most of the implementations? i tried using things like object message so i didn't have to deal with a extension and i can't seem to get to work the return part of it. and every time i ask someone here all they can say is look at the manual, so i end up asking my self why they made the forums? if that's the only answer i can get, i have gone though all the manuals, docs and apis and yes even if i'm able to convert the action script api to c# or java client to c# i still can't get things working because the api's don't have enough information it's lacking more it's like they only commented for themselves. the most i can do is probably rethink about using this server since there seems to have a lack of support.

Posted: 27 Sep 2011, 11:39
by foxter888
could at least someone update the unity island demo for unity 3.4.1 into the new smartfox2x since it was made in smartfox pro?? or i have to downgrade?

Posted: 27 Sep 2011, 20:41
by appels
I think your wrong there, support is there to help people with problems or questions ( for free ) , not to learn you how to use the application. They provide the docs and demos for that reason. Many others before you have used those tools to learn the app just like i did. When we had questions, we asked it on the forum.

Posted: 27 Sep 2011, 21:16
by foxter888
That's why I pretty much did, ask the question but its like who answers it deviates the subject and just tells me to look at the docs, that's why I'm here on the first place because the docs are not enough. So my question would be any way I can get help? Without someone turning me down every time to three docs, don't you think it could be time to add more tutorials? Our else I wouldn't be here asking, or at least redo the fps tutorial and explain everything by line. Please I'm trying to be a customer to get this product working. I can't get enough support then that would be the reason why not to get it. As a matter of fact I asked this questions of the forums before but still no one ever have me an.answer. So my guess would be that they tell me to look at the docs because probably they don't have the knowledge and just want to answer it?

Posted: 28 Sep 2011, 07:16
by Bax
I second appels. The support provided here is able to answer specific questions, not a generic "how do I create an FPS game?".
For that you have two ways: 1) learn SFS2X from the ground up, starting from easier examples, reading the documentation, asking specific questions; 2) hire an expert to teach you every aspect of a multiplayer game programming.

Posted: 28 Sep 2011, 09:04
by foxter888
Honestly I never asked about how to make a fps game, I'm just trying to learn the whole thing about sending messages back and forth between the server and clients, I saw the api for all the languages and I have read the docs but still is confusing, the fps tutorial its not fully explained it just says how out works. I between along this for the whole time. Before I asked about object messages but, no once seems to help me out, so far I now got several post about people just talking back but still nothing about the subject.

Posted: 28 Sep 2011, 09:33
by appels
As i stated before, post your current code and tell us where you get stuck.

Posted: 28 Sep 2011, 09:34
by Bax
The reason why we keep telling you to read the docs: