Player create room but not auto join

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Player create room but not auto join

Postby tusat » 11 Aug 2020, 09:37

Hi, i have an problem with player not auto join room after create game room, is it new API work like that, or is it an issue ?
Can someone help please, thanks.

Client API: 1.7.13
Server version: 2.16.0

Create room code:

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            p_initVariables = new List<RoomVariable>();
            p_initVariables.Add(new SFSRoomVariable(SFSVariable.ROOM_PLAYING, false));  //SFSVariable.ROOM_PLAYING = "rp"
            RoomSettings settings = new RoomSettings(p_roomName);
            settings.IsGame = true;
            settings.GroupId = "battlearena";
            settings.AllowOwnerOnlyInvitation = false;
            settings.MaxUsers = (short)p_maxUser;
            settings.MaxVariables = 100;
            settings.Password = p_password == null ? "" : p_password;
            settings.Permissions = new RoomPermissions();
            settings.Permissions.AllowPasswordStateChange = true;
            settings.Permissions.AllowPublicMessages = true;
            settings.Permissions.AllowResizing = true;
            settings.Variables = p_initVariables;

            Log("Create game room: " + p_roomName);
            sfs.Send(new CreateRoomRequest(settings));

Create room worked fine, i got ROOM_ADD event success, but the player created room not auto join room. I checked on AdminTool and see that the created game room show up with correct owner (player id), but no user in room.
Note that after create room, if i can join room manually, it worked fine. But what i want to auto join room, because other player can join that room first and cause the creator cant join his room.
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Re: Player create room but not auto join

Postby Lapo » 11 Aug 2020, 10:18

yes the problem is in your call. If you want the user to auto-join the Room just created you need to pass an extra boolean.

As per the client C# API documentation (valid for all other languages): ... 9624c9.htm
there are three constructors for the CreateRoomRequest object.

The second (bool) parameter can be passed as true to specify that you want to be auto-joined.
In other words:

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sfs.Send(new CreateRoomRequest(settings, true));

Hope it helps
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Re: Player create room but not auto join

Postby tusat » 11 Aug 2020, 11:12

It's my bad that i didn't notice there are other params in CreateRoomRequest.
Worked now! Thanks.

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