owner-attribute when room is added

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owner-attribute when room is added

Postby Willem » 16 Aug 2007, 12:15

Hi devs,

I would appreciate it if in the next sfs-version the owner-attribute is given (with the userId as its value) in the server-response when a room is added.


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<body action="roomAdd" r="0">
<rm id="48" priv="0" temp="1" game="1" max="2" spec="0" limbo="0" owner="12">

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Postby mistermind » 13 Mar 2008, 03:52

Sorry for "unburying" this topic, but yea, this should be a GREAT addition. I was just having this problem and searched for any topic with this.
Following the scenario here, I also think 2 other things should be added:
the ability to "auto-kick" already connected users with a username connected (I know we have discussed this already, but I thought it would be a must-have on 1.6.2 but it wasnt lol). and the room ID or room object to onJoinRoomError and onCreateRoomError.
But back to the topic, yea that is a great addition, cause right now in order to make a workaround that I have to set user vars and pull user lists just to determine who is the owner.

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