Idle disconnect: No Connection Lost event

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Idle disconnect: No Connection Lost event

Postby rewb0rn » 19 Mar 2015, 12:35


I noticed that with HRC disabled if I idle in our lobby for 30 minutes, the user will be disconnected, but there is no CONNECTION_LOST event triggered on the client. I only receive a CONNECTION_LOST event the next time I send a message to the server.

However, if HRC is turned on, the CONNECTION_RETRY event is fired immediately. Is there a reason for the difference in behavior? It would be nice if the client receives a CONNECTION_LOST event immediately, not only the next time the client sends a message to the server.

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Re: Idle disconnect: No Connection Lost event

Postby Lapo » 19 Mar 2015, 14:17

It sounds like a network quirk.
Try testing locally and it won't happen. It's likely it won't happen even if you try to connect from another network. If it still does it, I would check from a third network to make sure it's a constant, in which case it may have to do with specific network settings on the server side (e.g. firewall).

By the way is 30 minutes the "idle user time"? Or is it set differently?

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