MANTRA: Use the API!

Post here your questions about SFS2X. Here we discuss all server-side matters. For client API questions see the dedicated forums.

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MANTRA: Use the API!

Postby Lapo » 17 Jan 2011, 16:28

If you didn't follow the introductory Extension tutorials and jumped right into development you will probably find yourself attempting to work directly on the User or Room object in order to set new Room/User Variables or creating a new Room etc...

This is not recommendable, because you are just making local changes without updating the client.
The server framework exposes an API class called SFSApi which gives you access to dozens of useful methods for Room/User Variables, creating Rooms and tons more.

Always start from SFSApi when in need of a specific functionality.

I highly recommend to invest 10 minutes in reading this document, which guides you through the basics of Extension development.
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