Buying SmartFox 2

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Buying SmartFox 2

Postby » 03 Jan 2011, 01:56

I just bought SmartFox Pro for 500 users, but I am thinking of going into openspace 2 which uses Smartfox 2...

Did I mess up? Will I be able to upgrade from Pro to SFX2?? by paying the difference? Should I have bought SFX2 instead??

I am afraid I just paid 500 euros for 100 users and will have to pay another 750 euros to buy SFX2...
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Postby stevets » 03 Jan 2011, 08:36

I was told that I could not upgrade my sfs1x 100 to sfs2x 500. If you have sfs1x 500, then there is an option to upgrade to sfs2x 500. You will have to check with sfs for the details.


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