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Posted: 08 Feb 2011, 23:16
by copet80
Is there any update / news on this? We're currently nearing a milestone where we can't move further without this bug being fixed. Looking forward to hearing some good news on this.

Posted: 09 Feb 2011, 09:20
by Lapo
The issue is in the high priority list. As I said earlier we'll get back to you as soon as we have news. Thanks for your patience

Posted: 09 Feb 2011, 10:01
by Lapo
We tested using the current RC1b and your provided application.
No problem found.

Now this is where the problem happens:
6. Player 1 joins Room_A
7. Player 2 joins Room_A
8. Player 2 joins Room_B (note: on Player 1 window, the userManager.getUserList() list shows both Player 1 and Player 2)
9. On Player 2 window, select Player 2 (0, 0) <<< ME (if it's not already selected) and change the x or y values and press Update
10. Player 1 joins Room_B
11. Now you'll notice that on Player 1 window Player 2 still have the old coordinates

We replayed this 3 times, step by step.
At point #11, when Player1 joins in Room B we do see the correct variable values showing in both the global and local room list panels.

I have no idea what you are doing wrong.
Unless you have the wrong server version, which I think I have already asked about.

Posted: 13 Feb 2011, 21:44
by copet80
Did you try just from step 6 or back to step 1? The problem can only be reproduced by going from step 1 to 11.

Posted: 15 Feb 2011, 14:27
by Lapo
I am sorry, it's my fault. The error is showing up. We'll investigate.

Posted: 18 Feb 2011, 03:36
by copet80
Hi Lapo, just like to check how the investigation is going. Any news yet?

Posted: 01 Mar 2011, 20:19
by copet80
Hi Lapo, I hope the investigation is going well. Can you please advise when we should be expecting an update?

Posted: 02 Mar 2011, 10:01
by Lapo
Yes it is, indeed. We have spotted the issue and solved it. We're still checking a few details but it seems to be working correctly both with our local testa and with the on you have provided.

I will try to send you a quick patch to try locally,


Posted: 02 Mar 2011, 10:26
by Lapo

Posted: 03 Mar 2011, 18:45
by tpenn
I have been watching this issue with great interest, as I have been encountering the same problem. However, I am using the unity client.

Since the patch here is the flash API, has there been any investigation on if other APIs have similar issues?

Posted: 04 Mar 2011, 19:09
by Lapo
Yes we'll propagate the changes on all API versions.
Early next week we should be ready.

Posted: 06 Mar 2011, 14:20
by stix
Sorry guys, haven't looked into this issue in a while. I was convinced it was an issue in my client code, so I implemented a workaround and moved on. Glad to see I'm not off my rocker and that the issue was identified.

Thanks copet80 and Lapo!