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How will OpenSpace be implemented under the new architecture

Posted: 09 Aug 2010, 23:37
by svizzari
Hi guys -- 2X looks great, I wish it was available now ;)

Since the focus of my own development with SFS has been around OpenSpace, I'm now curious as to how OS will be implemented under the new extension architecture.

Is there any beta version of the OS extension that will work with 2X so that I can port some of the processes I've created in 1.x to 2X for testing? I noticed that it's been mentioned on the forums that the OS extension for 2X would be released at the same time as the server.

Posted: 10 Aug 2010, 06:30
by Lapo
OpenSpace will be ported to 2X later this year, and yes we plan to release SFS2X and Openspace 2X almost at the same time.

We'll keep you updated about our timeline.

Posted: 10 Aug 2010, 07:10
by svizzari
thanks for the reply lapo, look forward to it ;)

another question - the scheduler api, is it a feature to be released in the next build?

Posted: 10 Aug 2010, 09:06
by Lapo
it's already there but I think it's not very well documented.
I have updated the javadoc which now includes a TaskScheduler class under the util package.

It is based on the latest Java 5/6 Executors classes so it doesn't have any of the limitations imposed by the previous SFS scheduler built in Java 4

Posted: 10 Aug 2010, 09:09
by svizzari
Hey Lapo, perhaps it's just me but, the javadocs seem broken now

Posted: 10 Aug 2010, 09:12
by Lapo
It was finishing to upload as I was writing :)
I see it working right now

Posted: 01 Sep 2010, 05:40
by drh_qtm
Hi Lapo,

Back to the original topic of this post, can you shed any light yet on how the OpenSpace extension will be implemented in SFS2? Will it be possible to extend the OpenSpace extension to provide your own functionality as in SFS 1.6? Any idea also when it will be possible to start developing OpenSpace stuff for SFS2?


Posted: 01 Sep 2010, 06:49
by Lapo
Sure, the SFS2X version will maintain all the features including the extensibility of the server side part.
As regards when I am not the right person to say. The idea is to be able to ship it by the end of 2010, maybe under the Xmas tree :)
I will keep you posted when I have more substantial details.


Posted: 26 Oct 2010, 13:42
by alfaodin
Hi, first of all congratulations, this new version looks amazing. Now that the new version has come outs, the question is, How can we work with the old version of OpenSpace, or we have to wait for a new one??.
Thank you very much.

Posted: 26 Oct 2010, 13:48
by Lapo
That's right we'll ship a new version soon. Stay tuned for more info.
As usual subscribe to our newsletter from the home page, if you haven't done it yet, that's the quickest way to stay up to date with our releases.

Posted: 31 Oct 2010, 21:35
by gl0om
Will it be truly new openSpace? Or just redisigned API for new version of SFS?

*sat in a corner on a crumpled bucket, waiting for new openSpace*

Posted: 01 Nov 2010, 09:27
by Lapo
A new OpenSpace was just released a few 4-5 months ago, it's OpenSpace 2.0. What we are going to release is an update of OS 2.0 designed for SFS 2X. We don't expect tp add new major features in that release

Posted: 03 Nov 2010, 14:45
by trispo
Hey Lapo,

we will start a new Openspace community game in the next two weeks and wish to use SmartfoxServer 2x. Is it possible to get a beta version of Openspace for SF2x by now? We've licenced Openspace 1.0 and upgraded to 2.0 a few month ago.

Thanks in advance.


Posted: 03 Nov 2010, 17:24
by Lapo
Hi Trispo,
we'll be glad to provide a beta when it will be available however at this point it is still premature. We'll keep you informed of the development.

Posted: 09 Nov 2010, 09:12
by abwing
if I have to develop social games as fast as possible, which package do u suggest me? OpenSapce 1.0 + SFS or OpenSpace 2.0 + SFS2X ? anyway for the future I would like to buy the new one but just not sure will it be fastest solution for this moment?