2.13 to 2.14 Servlet Migration not working

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2.13 to 2.14 Servlet Migration not working

Postby Tatanan » 21 Jan 2020, 10:04


I am trying to migrate from 2.13 to 2.14 but web application is not working on Tomcat.

I have followed the migration instructions moving api.war file from old www folder to the new www folder.

If I list the web application on the Tomcat dashboard, api app is shown on route /api but when I try to access a 404 error is shown.

(14.96 KiB) Not downloaded yet

(19.86 KiB) Not downloaded yet

Is there any information on the documentation related on web apps deployment with SFS2X?

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Re: 2.13 to 2.14 Servlet Migration not working

Postby Lapo » 21 Jan 2020, 15:35

Tomcat and Jetty implement the servlet specifications by Java, though Jetty is probably a little less strict in its implementation.

The fact that your web app shows in Tomcat's manager as running seems like a good sign. Maybe it's a mapping issue.
Can I see the web.xml file deployed in the war file?

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