[UNITY] establish a connection between different PC's

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[UNITY] establish a connection between different PC's

Postby fonxsirax » 18 Sep 2019, 14:29

Hello everyone, im working in a online Unity project and I have choose the SFS as a choice of network connection.
My code seems working as i can estabilish a connection between differents applications ruining in the same computer (my computer).
The problem is when I compile the project and try to open it in a different machine, the server always returns "Connection Fail. Is the server ruining at all?"

I already have the sfs application running in my computer and already registered my ip in the browser aplication as is showed in the picture.
In the code im using in the ConfigData my Current IP:, tcp port: 9933 and Ws port 8080.

What should I do to establish a connection successfully betwen two computers?
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Re: [UNITY] establish a connection between different PC's

Postby Lapo » 18 Sep 2019, 15:44

the first thing to check is firewalls. In particular on the PC running the server.
Make sure that traffic is allowed for TCP 9933 and UDP 9933.

Hope it helps
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