Server is full and Admin Tool problem

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Server is full and Admin Tool problem

Postby moris » 02 Sep 2019, 15:14


I have an elastic licence. Due to the fact that the payment was late SFS licence rollbacked to 100CCU. When the license became active, the server was full and I couldn't log in Admin Tool for reloading license in live mode. I had to make a restart, which is not very convenient.

Please add support login in Admin Tool when the server is Full.

P.S. Please also adding support kick NPC users from Admin Tool.
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Re: Server is full and Admin Tool problem

Postby Lapo » 02 Sep 2019, 15:20

thanks for the feedback, we'll look into it.
As regards kicking NPCs from the AdminTool it is already possible.

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Re: Server is full and Admin Tool problem

Postby Jochanan » 04 Sep 2019, 11:51

Yesterday, we had similar issue.
I was not able to set the licence key, because i cannot login due server was full. I had to restart the server and login as soon as possible, set the licence and restart again.

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