Using smartfoxServer 2X on GitLab

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Using smartfoxServer 2X on GitLab

Postby NDrew » 22 May 2019, 07:37


I'm currently using smartfoxserver 2X on my open source project and in order to make sure not to distribute something i have no right on, the smartfox dlls are not included in the repository.

I needs the DLLs in the unity client folder, i was planing to use the unity asset store package but it's not up to date and contains a lot of stuff. Would it make sense to create a asset containing only the c# client API?

I also need for the continous integration the DLLs on the server side. I found a nuget package for the dlls but it's also been a while since the last update, any hints for something better?

I'm open to any suggestion on how to do a easyer integration of new users but staying in law.

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Re: Using smartfoxServer 2X on GitLab

Postby Bax » 22 May 2019, 16:09

It is not an issue if you redistribute our client DLLs, so don't worry.
About an asset on the Asset Store containing our API only... that's not a bad idea. We will think about it.
The nuget package instead is not something we released. Currently it is not something we are interested in (too many release channels).
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