$100 for clear demo of real world setup

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$100 for clear demo of real world setup

Postby RipX » 03 Mar 2018, 14:41

The FPS Unity example provides a client example with a World, however I can't understand how this can pertain to Rooms. Nor can I understand if I were to make a real game, would that World create Rooms? Or would rooms somehow have a World assigned to it?! None of the example provide a full use case as found in most modern games. Let's take a clear real world example scenario (What I need).

- User logs in
- User enters a lobby
- a) User select a quick match type or b) create a custom room
- If (a) I auto join a room and wait until it is full
- If (b) I customize the level type and duration etc and I select if it's public or private
- TaskScheduler (I can't figure out where the heck this goes) counts in of the start of the match
- The match commences
- * Lots of shooting *
- TaskScheduler counts down the end of the match.
- TaskScheduler counts down the interval to the next match.

Now this is 90% of most modern AAA multiplayer games. I would really appreciate if someone could give me at least a basic overview of this scenario, I'd even be willing to pay the person with the best answer here. A typical example of what I am looking for would be the setup for any game similar to Modern Warfares multiplayer server setup. If someone were to provide a decent example of this in Unity, I will pay $100 just for the sake of my sanity. It doesn't need to contain any business logic, only the architecture layout as an extension and some half decent comments.

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Re: $100 for clear demo of real world setup

Postby Lapo » 05 Mar 2018, 08:13

Rooms are containers for users to interact with each others.

Generally speaking you can organize your game in different types of Rooms based on the type of interaction your game uses.
In the case of an FPS in the style of Unreal Tournament (a bit of an old game but still inspires most FPS) a Room would be the place where players shoot each others.

Players can be matched based on any number of parameters (country, ranking, score...) and then joined in the same Room to play.
The only limitation of a "normal" Room is the number of players. Since every player updates every other player Rooms must have a reasonable limit of, say 60-100 users, before they generate too much traffic.

If you're thinking more of an open world type game where there is one huge map and people roam around freely then you will need to look into MMORooms, which allow for 1000s of players to interact together (with optimized traffic).

I would recommend a couple of articles to get a better idea of the Room "architecture":
http://docs2x.smartfoxserver.com/Develo ... chitecture

And MMO Rooms:
http://docs2x.smartfoxserver.com/Advanc ... /mmo-rooms

As regards the other points you have mentioned, I think you have skipped a lot of the documentation and examples we provide.
Here's the free Example Pack for Unity:

In the pack you will find a number of tutorials, from simple to more complex, that will guide you through most of the questions you're asking (log in, creating rooms, joining etc...)

What is not covered in the tutorials (maybe the TaskScheduler) you can find detailed info with code examples in the docs website:

You can browse the topics or use the search function to find what you need.

If anything is unclear let us know.
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