how to forward login between 2 zone

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how to forward login between 2 zone

Postby grhwood » 20 Feb 2014, 15:41


I have 2 zone: zone1 and zone2. zone1 is public zone, users send LoginRequest to zone1. After a successfull login to zone1, I call

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sfsApi.login(session, username, "", "zone2", new SFSObject(), false)

to forward user to zone2. I configured zone2 to use custom login but no login event was sent to zone2 extension.

Is there anyway to have custom login in zone2 in this scenario ?

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Re: how to forward login between 2 zone

Postby Lapo » 20 Feb 2014, 16:09

You can't login 2 zones with the same connection.
A zone is the container of your whole application. Everything should be running in there.

If your application really requires two Zones at the same time you may need to choose between:

1- rethinking the application to make use of a single Zone
2- using two connections to access the two Zones

Unless you really need #2 I would definitely prefer #1 because it's much easier to implement, especially on the client side.

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