READ: Issues posting rules

Post here your questions about SFS2X. Here we discuss all server-side matters. For client API questions see the dedicated forums.

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READ: Issues posting rules

Postby Lapo » 07 Oct 2013, 08:32

When posting an issue or bug report please make sure to add all the details as requested below:

1 » SmartFoxServer version used

2 » Client technology and client API version (which is found in the version property of the main SmartFox object instance)

3 » Synthetic description of the issue

4 » Specify if the problem is happening while testing locally or in production, or both

5 » Specify if the problem is intermittent or it happens all the times. If the latter is true, provide a step by step description of how to reproduce the problem

6 » Check your server side logs for errors that might be related and post them here as well. Logs are found under SFS2X/logs/smartfox.log

7 » If the problem is detected via the AdminTool please post the relevant screenshots with the report.

8 » Post the relevant snippets of client/server code where appropriate, but make sure to trim all the code that is irrelevant (such as rendering, other game logic etc...)

9 » If your server is in an unresponsive state (e.g. doesn't respond to client requests or AdminTool) DO NOT restart it immediately. Instead please capture a Thread Dump and send it to us. Follow these simple instructions to obtain the report: viewtopic.php?f=18&t=14458.

Issues posted without the requested details will take longer time to be processed, because we'll wait until all the necessary information is provided.

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