stress testing and Smartfox license

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stress testing and Smartfox license

Postby levancho » 27 Apr 2013, 16:58


We have not purchased a license for smartfox yet, its a business department thing that will happen before we go to production, but is not happening yet,
anyways we are about to conduct a stress test of our system with bots that we are writing ussing NPC,
our question is following: if we start utilizing bots and simulate say 100-200 users, will those users be counted under the license?
what will happen after 100th user tries to login?

does it mean we have to purchase unlimited license to conduct a stress test?

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Re: stress testing and Smartfox license

Postby Lapo » 27 Apr 2013, 17:15

Hi Levan,
the free SFS2X CE (Community Edition) supports a total of 100 CCU, so all users beyond the 100th won't be able to login and will get a "Zone full" error back.
You don't need to buy the commercial license for testing, we can provide cheaper test licenses.

Please just drop an email to our sales@... email box and we'll provide all the details and prices.

Hope it helps
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