SFS2X - Evaluation Questions Continued

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SFS2X - Evaluation Questions Continued

Postby petergpls » 24 Apr 2013, 03:23


I have tried virtually everything to get the AvatarChat example in SFS2x Flash working but it just freezes. I am using Flash 11 and AS3 in CS6.
When you try and enter the login name, the text widget does not respond and the login button does not respond either.I have made sure that I am using the correct libraries and followed instructions to the letter. I even built a Flash Builder 4.7 project from the FLA and rebuild with still no capability of typing into the text field

I am suspecting it is an issue with the SmartFoxBits and support for the latest versions of flash maybe since I can not get them to work at all whether in web, desktop or mobile when using Flash Player 11.7.7, AS3, CS6 or FB4.7

Additionally, I saw in another forum topic that SmartFoxBits did not support mobile projects - is this still the case? May I have advice on exactly what is supported with the latest version of SmartFoxBits that is implemented in the examples?

Snapshot of the insensitive widgets
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Re: SFS2X - Evaluation Questions Continued

Postby Bax » 24 Apr 2013, 08:09

Hello. We are not aware of issues with the SmartFoxBits.
From your screenshot the first thing I noticed is that the application is not connected to SmartFoxServer, in fact the connection light (SmartFoxBits' Connector component) is grey. For this reason the login panel (SmartFoxBits' LoginBox component) is inhibited: it is automatically activated as soon as the connection to the server is established.
So you should investigate why you are not able to reach the server: is SmartFoxServer running at all? Is it on the same computer or another? Did you configure it properly?
To answer those questions I think you should check both the client (activate the 'debug' feature on the Connector instance) and server logs.

As it regards supporting mobile projects, we don't have plans to add the compatibility, as this would require to develop a new, separate version based on a different component model.
Paolo Bax
The SmartFoxServer Team

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