What happend if room id is overflow ?

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What happend if room id is overflow ?

Postby grhwood » 12 Apr 2013, 11:08


I create dynamic room a lot, I notice that room id is an integer so max value is less then 2 billion, my app doesn't go to that value but may be. So could you tell me what will happend if the room id is overflow ?

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Re: What happend if room id is overflow ?

Postby Lapo » 12 Apr 2013, 11:17

This seems to be a pretty popular question :)
Room ids and User ids are auto-increment integers.

This is what happens: an Integer can handle 2^32 values, (4.294.967.296 combinations) after which it will start back from zero.
If your Server generates 100K Rooms (or Users) per day it will take 42949 days to restart from zero which is approximately 117 years.

That's a cool uptime! :mrgreen:
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