Involuntary manual disconnection

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Involuntary manual disconnection

Postby copet80 » 31 Oct 2012, 00:55

Hi guys,

I searched the forum without any luck on this topic. But let me know if I just wasn't trying hard enough.

In our game I've put an analytics code that tracks the disconnection reason so that we can see the percentage of people who disconnected without being idle. Although "idle" is still the highest cause for player disconnections, we do get 0.71% manual disconnection (that's like approx. 200 out of 28,000 connections).

The documentation indicated that this is caused by "The client manually disconnected from the server". However, I've made sure that none of our client code calls disconnect(), so logically there shouldn't be any manual disconnection. Am I correct to assume this?

Thank you.
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Re: Involuntary manual disconnection

Postby Lapo » 31 Oct 2012, 09:41

You are correct, the manual disconnection is reported only when the User calls disconnect() from his side.
Unfortunately I don't know what could account for that 0.71% that you are recording... hacked clients?
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