Question regarding Room Extension

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Question regarding Room Extension

Postby levancho » 11 Oct 2012, 11:03


We have 3 types of Games,


every type of game gets its own type Extension

now, we have a code :

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    public Collection<User> getRoomUsers() {
        return this.getParentRoom().getUserList();

now, question is if we have three rooms of gameType1 open, will each room get its own new instance of that gameType1Extension class, or not, if they do not get each their ow instance of gameType1Extension then our code will not work, what is the workaround if that is the case? can we force to have each game its own instance of gameType1Extension?
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Re: Question regarding Room Extension

Postby rjgtav » 11 Oct 2012, 15:36


When you attach an Extension to a room, it creates a new instance of that extension and attaches it to the room.
The only problem with this approach is that the more rooms you have, the more extension instances and classLoaders you will have (as each extension has its own classLoader), which will fill up the PermGen space quickly. The more classes you have in your extension, the quicker it will fill the PermGen space, so one way to decrease its usage is to deploy the extension dependencies inside the __lib__/ folder.

You can read more information regarding ClassLoading on SFS2x here.

Another workaround is to use a single Zone-Level Extension with the code for handling the Game Logic. This way you'll only use a single extension and a single ClassLoader, avoiding the memory overload problem.
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