Mailservice and TLS

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Mailservice and TLS

Postby ThomasLund » 03 Jul 2012, 12:33


My turn to ask a n00b question :-D

I'm trying to get SFS2X to send emails from the extension - first time I've had to do this.

So I do what every good developer should do and read the docs. OK - found the code and doing a quick test

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      IMailerService mailer = SmartFoxServer.getInstance().getMailService();

      SFSEmail welcomeMail = new SFSEmail(fromEmail, toEmail, "Welcome to Frontline Tactics", "Welcome to our little cool game. \n\nTODO!!! WRITE REAL MESSAGE");
      try {
      catch (MessagingException e) {
         e.printStackTrace();  //To change body of catch statement use File | Settings | File Templates.

I configured the SFS server to point to on my old Linux box running postfix. But trying to send gives me this in the mail logfile:

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Jul  3 14:23:01 webserver postfix/smtpd[3969]: setting up TLS connection from localhost[]
Jul  3 14:23:01 webserver postfix/smtpd[3969]: SSL_accept error from localhost[]: 0
Jul  3 14:23:01 webserver postfix/smtpd[3969]: warning: TLS library problem: 3969:error:14094416:SSL routines:SSL3_READ_BYTES:sslv3 alert certificate unknown:s3_pkt.c:1057:SSL alert number 46:
Jul  3 14:23:01 webserver postfix/smtpd[3969]: lost connection after STARTTLS from localhost[]
Jul  3 14:23:01 webserver postfix/smtpd[3969]: disconnect from localhost[]

So it connects, but attempts to use TLS connection. And thats where I get lost. Anyone with a clue?

The server generally works from perl scripts and other java programs to send out emails. So little lost. There seems to be nowhere that I can configure SFS to not use TLS

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Re: Mailservice and TLS

Postby Lapo » 03 Jul 2012, 13:21

Hey there. I am not a Mail protocol expert but... it might have to do with the SSLv3, although can't be sure 100%
We tested with a couple of SMTPs over SSL, including Gmail, and we didn't have problems but there's probably many different variants of the SSL/TSL standard.

Searching a bit I've found this: ... er-sshtls/
which indicates that there's probably several ways to configure java mail to talk to an SMTP over a secure socket.

In any case from the docs the supported SMTP ports are: 25, 587 and 465 (SSL). If possible I would stick with those.
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