Convert Object[] to SFSObject in Java

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Convert Object[] to SFSObject in Java

Postby dingo » 25 Jun 2012, 08:05


is there an a way to convert Object[] to an SFSArray on the Java server?
I'm trying to do something like:

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protected void CallMethodOnClient(String methodName, User recipient, Object...args)
       ISFSObject params = new SFSObject();
       ISFSArray arrgh = new SFSArray.newFrom?(args);
       params.putSFSArray("p", arrgh);

        send(methodName, params, recipient);

In Actionscript i can do this with:

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SFSArray.newFromArray(args, false);

Many thanks. :D
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Re: Convert Object[] to SFSObject in Java

Postby Lapo » 26 Jun 2012, 09:07

No, because an Object[] can contain all kind of classes that the SFSObject might not be able to serialize.
Additionally the SFSObject is a map-type collection where for each Object is retrieved via its String key. An Object[], on the contrary, has no keys, only indexes.
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