Best approach for waiting for approval

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Best approach for waiting for approval

Postby mixart » 20 Apr 2012, 10:04

Just curious from you all the best approach to this:

Have a room full of users, a user can ask for the rest of the room users to approve a request and more than half the room needs to approve or deny the request.

Which of these makes more sense?
- user asking request sends an object to each user. Each user gets a dialog asking to approve or deny. Responses are sent back to the requester and client-side the if the requester receives enough approval responses, they are granted their request
- user asking request sends and extension message to the server. The extension counts users in the room, creates a room variable to count all the responses. On roomvars update, the requester would tally results and be given approval.

or any other approaches?
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Re: Best approach for waiting for approval

Postby rjgtav » 20 Apr 2012, 23:04

Well, the best way is really to do it server-side. You could also try using the Invitation system from the Game API.
If you decide to use the RoomVariable option, for example, the requester sends an ExtensionRequest asking for a request, and the extension sends to all the users in that room a message asking if they accept that request or not. Every time an user replies, he sends also an ExtensionRequest, which then updates a room variable. After some time or when the last user answers, you provide the result to the rest of the users.
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