Cannot connect to sfs2x due to local firewall

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Cannot connect to sfs2x due to local firewall

Postby Andromedus » 09 Jan 2012, 14:19

As of yesterday, I can't get a connection to my sfs2x server (connection error #2048). It was all working fine before, and I haven't changed anything at the server level.

This is the basic setup: I have sfs2x running on an amazon ec2 instance. I also have a Flash game which is online and hosted on a separate server, which is trying to connect to sfs2x.

After a bit of trial and error, I discovered that turning the firewall off on my local PC whilst running the flash game allows it to connect to the sfs2x server. The same problem exists when trying to access the admin tool from my PC - as of yesterday, I need to switch my firewall off to connect, othewrwise I get the error 'invalid administration tcp port'. Before yesterday, it also connected just fine with my firewall turned on.

I have McAfee security center running on my pc (which runs McAfee Personal Firewall v.12.0). I have tried changing the settings within the firewall to allow connection, all to no avail. (I have opened tcp port 9933 and udp port 9933, changed the security level to 'full internet access', and allowed full internet access for flash player). The only thing that allows me to get a connection is turning the firewall off completely.

As I mentioned, I didn't have this issue the day before yesterday - I had my firewall running normally, and I had no connection problems. But now that I can't connect with the firewall turned on, this is a big worry. How are the end users going to be able to play my multiplayer game without turning off their firewalls? I think a lot of people use McAfee personal firewall, and I don't think most people will be willing to turn their firewall off just to play my game.

Also, I thought 'Bluebox' was meant to solve firewall issues? Is there something I need to set up in regard to that to get it to work?

Thanks for any input.

Huh - and now it's working again, with the firewall turned on and all the settings on default. I don't know what changed - maybe McAfee is doing some things behind the scenes that I don't know about. It's still a slight worry that the end user might be running into firewall issues as well. I doubt they will want to go fiddling with their firewall settings in order to play my game.
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Postby appels » 10 Jan 2012, 14:50

You should be talking to McAffee since it's on the user side for outgoing connections. Even Bluebox won't help you there.
Also opening port 9933 on the user end doesn't do anything since the connection is initiated from high (1024-*) ports.
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Postby Andromedus » 13 Jan 2012, 12:45

Thanks appels. Yes, it turns out it's a recent issue with McAfee and Google Chrome. When either of them update themselves, it looks like McAfee is blocking chrome, and you need to change the settings each time to allow full internet access. Several users have flagged the issue on the McAfee forums.

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