when sfs2x final version release ?

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when sfs2x final version release ?

Postby weni2010 » 11 Oct 2011, 00:47

when sfs2x final version release ?
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Postby louissi » 11 Oct 2011, 23:18

I would guess when its done ;)

Also, even if you are on a web message board, its always apreciated if you greet the readers and try to make complete sentences ;)

If you are wondering if the current version of the server is working well enough, I could tell you that it is working very well. We currently have 3 products on the web usign it and it runs smoothly.

Best of luck.
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Postby appels » 12 Oct 2011, 00:27

yeah, it's runs perfectly and can be used in production.
i'm guessing the final release is still a few months away, good products take there time :)

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