HandleInternalMessage doesnt work...

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HandleInternalMessage doesnt work...

Postby Robbilie » 07 Oct 2011, 15:40

hey guys i try to call vie this snippet my zone extension from my room extension:

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this.getParentExtension().getParentZone().getExtension().handleInternalMessage("switchRoomAfterLogin", fromUser);

its from a baseclientrequest handler...

in the zone exte i have this:

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        public void switchRoomAfterLogin(User u){
            trace("ZONE got switchroom");
            try {
                smartfox.joinRoom(u, _roomswitchmanager.getRoomToSwitchTo(u), null, false, vesszone.getRoomByName("The Lobby"));
            } catch (SFSJoinRoomException ex) {
                trace("error on roomswitch");

            trace("no errors");

and it is not called but the room exetsnion snippet is definatly...

whats wrong? :D

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