Test SQL Exception

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Test SQL Exception

Postby whornak » 13 Apr 2011, 12:18

SmartFoxServer: 2X 2.0.0 RC1b
SmartFoxSerer API: SFS2X_API_AS3 2.0.0.RC1b
OpenSpace: SFS2X 2.0.3

I have pasted exactly what has been successful for so long in SFS 1.x and am getting the following error while having the Test SQL present.

Is there a difference in what the configuration should be in 2X?

Exception: com.microsoft.sqlserver.jdbc.SQLServerException
Message: The method executeQuery() cannot take arguments on a PreparedStatement or CallableStatement.
Description: The DBManager Test SQL failed
Please double check your SQL code and make sure that Database server is running.
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Postby Sigtran » 13 Apr 2011, 13:18

Which way are you doing it code-wise?
e.g. IDBManager ::

Code: Select all

 executeQuery(String sql)
from API, which suggests that you need to pass it a string and not a prepared statement...
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Postby whornak » 13 Apr 2011, 22:10

This is being done through configuration
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Postby Democre » 13 Apr 2011, 23:42

What is your test SQL string?
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Postby whornak » 16 Apr 2011, 01:32

The DB configuration, having tried it without the function as well:

<databaseManager active="true">
<testSql>SELECT COUNT(*) FROM ServerSelectTest</testSql>
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Postby jimbobway » 27 Jun 2011, 22:12

Has anyone solved this? I get the same error.

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