how many users can sfs handle in unity mmorpg?

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how many users can sfs handle in unity mmorpg?

Postby Robbilie » 09 Mar 2011, 16:20

question above :D
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Postby stix » 09 Mar 2011, 17:33

There is no definitive answer to that question. There are many variables that will impact capacity for any MMO - game architecture, server hardware, storage engine, etc.

The only way to find out the capacity of your specific application is to stress test, and even then, real world Beta testing will probably offer up slightly different results.

SFS2X can support many, many clients, but putting a hard number to it depends on too many other things to be realistic.
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Postby Bax » 09 Mar 2011, 18:34

Read this white paper:
(it is related to SFS 1, but the same concepts apply to SFS 2X)
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