User keep disconnect the socket server

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User keep disconnect the socket server

Postby mptsuei » 16 May 2019, 04:52

Dear all
I have the HTML5 game connect the smartFOX socket server on Apache settings (PHP, My SQL). Two students were grouped in the same room. The total of students were 40. Students used the system and keep disconnect the socket server. They have to reconnect it again and again in during 40 minutes class.
Can anyone can help? Thank you very much.
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Re: User keep disconnect the socket server

Postby Lapo » 16 May 2019, 07:17

did you check the cause of the disconnection from the client side? When the disconnection event is fired you're passed a "Reason" parameter that tells you what is the cause of the disconnection.

The server only disconnects client when they are idle for a set amount of time, other than time it will never close a connection. Especially in a local network disconnections should never happen.

Without any more details I can only propose two possible causes:

1) Clients are disconnected because of being idle. This is easily solved by increasing the idle settings in the server configuration (AdminTool > Server Settings > User Idle Time)

2) Clients are disconnected because of external issues in the local network. In this case you will need to investigate what is happening in your network.

Let us know
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