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OpenSpace 2.1.0 released

Posted: 06 Sep 2013, 16:06
by Bax
We just released version 2.1.0 of OpenSpace.
In this version we fixed a few bugs and compiled our engine using the latest SFS2X AS3 API available as of today (v1.1.7), for those using the SmartFoxServer 2X version of OpenSpace.

Release notes

Fixed bugs
- Wrong map reloaded after canceling a map editing when the user was sent to the current map using the server-side sendAvatarToMap method.
- Wrong Room id passed in the MAP_UPDATED event when the user joined a Room by means of the server-side sendAvatarToMap method.
- The AvatarLibrary component for Flash caused a class version conflict under certain circumstances.
- In the SmartFoxServer Pro version of OpenSpace, joining a new map could lead to the previous one not being left in case non-map rooms were also joined using the SmartFoxServer's multi-join feature.

- 'password' parameter removed from the parameters object returned by the MAP_UPDATED event.

- SmartFoxServer 2X versions of Flex/Flash OpenSpace components updated to latest AS3 API version for SFS2X (1.1.7).

Known issues
- In Flash Builder 4, when the Flex SDK 4 or later is used, the following warning might be displayed when entring Design mode: "Design mode could not load OpenSpace_Flex.swc. It may be incompatible with this SDK, or invalid. (DesignAssetLoader.CompleteTimeout)". This is a bug in Flash Builder that affects most swc files of other popular projects. Even if the OpenSpace component is not visible in design view, this does not affect the compilation or the project in any way.


You can download the new version from this page.
For existing customers, you can use the download link you received when you purchased OpenSpace 2.

Re: OpenSpace 2.1.0 released

Posted: 08 Nov 2013, 09:21
by jeff
Hello, where can I get the component for Flash CC?

Re: OpenSpace 2.1.0 released

Posted: 08 Nov 2013, 09:38
by Bax
We don't have Flash CC installed, but I don't think Adobe changed the way Flash components are installed and managed.
Just install the relevant .mxp file contained in the OpenSpace package.