onLogin not getting called

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Marcelo Emmerich
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onLogin not getting called

Postby Marcelo Emmerich » 01 Jul 2010, 14:12

Hi Guys,

after the call to

Code: Select all

[smartFox login:smartFox.defaultZone name:login pass:sid];

I can see the following in the debug output:

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INFSmartFoxExtHandler:handleMessage msgObj:<msg t='xt'><body action='xtRes' r='-1'><![CDATA[<dataObj><var n='uid' t='n'>9</var><var n='_cmd' t='s'>logOK</var></dataObj>]]></body></msg>

However, the onLogin callback never gets called. I have setup everything exactly as in the demo projects. As an example, the onConnection method gets called without problems. Any idea? Any help will be highly appreciated.


Marcelo Emmerich

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