Configuring DatabaseManager using H2 embedded database

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Configuring DatabaseManager using H2 embedded database

Postby Jeetesh Bhoria » 24 Mar 2010, 17:17


How can we access the H2 embedded database of smart fox server. I have to create a multiplayer game in which I have to pass the user data to the server database and retrieve the data back. I have created the database using H2 admin tool in jdbc:h2:tcp://localhost:9009/sample1. In the document it is written that I have to configure the DatabaseManager using code :

<Zone name="h2db" customLogin="false">

<Room name="Lobby" maxUsers="10" isPrivate="false" isTemp="false" autoJoin="true" />

<DatabaseManager active="true">


<TestSQL><![CDATA[SELECT COUNT(*) FROM retrocomputers]]></TestSQL>



<extension name="h2db_ext" className="" type="script" />

But after writing the above code into the config.xml file under <zone>..</zone> I am stuck on the sign-in screen and getting error: zone ='/t/t/t/t/t/t/n/n/t/t/t/t/t' string. Can you tell where should I put this code and how to connect. I am working on Mac OS - Iphone sdk - Objective C. Help would be highly appreciated.
-I have checked running the server on same machine and different machine but was getting the same error.
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