{ Update } New iPhone API available, 1.0.0 RC3

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{ Update } New iPhone API available, 1.0.0 RC3

Postby Lapo » 11 Mar 2010, 16:54

we have just released an update of the Objective-C iPhone API, now RC3.

Bugs fixed:
* Arrays sent from the server are exposed as NSDictionary instead of NSArray.
* Warnings when compiling the API are fixed.

Download here

Happy iPhone coding :)
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Arrays ad NSDictionarys???

Postby cBroadbo » 11 Mar 2010, 22:28

What is the reasoning for representing array data from the server as an NSDictionary as opposed to an NSArray? By nature, they are not equivalent. I haven't pulled down the latest, but I'm interested to see where this is done and how it impacts our code.

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Thank you

Postby skrekkur » 01 Jun 2010, 21:03

Thank you for fixing the warnings and memory leaks.

I am also a bit curios about the reasoning behind the NSArray to NSDictionary conversion.

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< iPhone Objective-C API ~ { Update } New iPhone API a

Postby rachel12 » 27 Dec 2010, 08:37

I used NSArray to NSDictionary conversion and i found it good. I face less problems. Hope you too will face no problem. Good Luck. :)

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