AO bit coming in NSArray not NSDictionary

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AO bit coming in NSArray not NSDictionary

Postby ZIGraham » 10 Mar 2010, 23:44

Since I use a string as the key to load m_Scores in my Java extension here:

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            int tScore = (int)m_Scores.getNumber( u.getName() );
            m_Scores.putNumber( u.getName(), tScore + 1 );
            res.put("message", "answer_correct");
            res.put("winner", u.getName());
            res.put("names", GetReadyString());
            res.put("scores", m_Scores);

I would expect to have "scores" be a Dict on the iPhone. But it comes up an Array, which I can verify by dumping it to a file:

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Scores comes in as an Array, but I want to key off the player name so I don't have to worry about maintaining parallel arrays.
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Postby ZIGraham » 11 Mar 2010, 00:22

While I am hoping for a quick solution from the Internet (that's you), I'm poking around. First off, I love the INF code. It is beautifully organized. I have debugged some crap in my day, and I picked up how this worked in minutes. Love. It.

Contrarily, the problem lies in the craphole that is CXMLElement. It puts a "a" where it should put an "o".

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         // Create nested array            
         if ([objType isEqualToString:@"a"]) {
            newObj = [NSMutableArray array];
         // Create nested object
         else if ([objType isEqualToString:@"o"]) {
            newObj = [NSMutableDictionary dictionary];

It is INFSmartFoxSerilizer::xml2obj who gets tricked by the bug. He makes a NSArray and then recurses in to fill it out. When he gets to the data, he has the correct stuff: varname = "Mel", varval = 1.

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         if ([*o isKindOfClass:[NSDictionary class]]) {
            [*o setObject:varValue forKey:varName];
         else {
            [*o addObject:varValue];

But then because of the o->a mistake, the name is just forgotten.

I'm going to slog through the very non-beautiful cXML stuff now, but that's where I am now. This seems like an actual real system bug and not just me screwing something up.
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Postby Lapo » 11 Mar 2010, 16:54

New release here:
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