Need help with using ExtensionResponse

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Need help with using ExtensionResponse

Postby Dilbertian » 13 Sep 2010, 01:01

Currently I have taken the SFSIslandDemo LoginGUI (C#) and modified it to add the following line:

SFSEvent.onExtensionResponse += OnExtensionResponse;

Where OnExtensionResponse is as follows:

public void OnExtensionResponse(object data, string type) {
string dataString=(string)data;

The server is sending back a room list using the XT but for some reason I never receive the DebugLog message in my OnExtensionResponse routine.

My whole project is in Javascript so I don't mind converting over from C# if that would be easier. I have seen plenty of examples but they are very incomplete and don't show how to go from the OnConnection to this step of receiving the Roomlist and then joining a room.
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Postby ThomasLund » 13 Sep 2010, 05:56

To narrow it down, check the player.log/editor.log on the client to see if its getting the network data or not as reponse.

If not, its an issue on the server. There has just been another post here on the forums including some code for extensions etc. Might get a hint there

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