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Do you have a plan about Unity3D Android?

Posted: 12 Sep 2010, 03:14
by soulkey
i am now to test SmartFoxServer with iPhone and Android.

it's have some problem.

* For the detail

when i have a build in Android,there have can connection.
But, as soon down process.

i want know about your plan coverage of platform.

Unity3D - iPhone already. But, Unity3D - Android ? do you have plan?

Thanks you for your help.

Posted: 12 Sep 2010, 12:47
by ThomasLund
Personally I do not have any plans to buy the Android license until the market proves itself. The numbers I get from other Unity guys on their first games on Android are *abysmal*

So unless someone sponsors me an Android license for Unity, then this will not happen for quite some time.

But the sources are there for ppl to hack - so go ahead by all means!!