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Posted: 01 Oct 2010, 15:56
by dr-mad
hi appels i know what you mean i try to manuly set the room list i try to put this code in my client unity

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   public void OnLogin(bool success, string name, string error) {
      if ( success ) {
         // Lets wait for the room list

// here is what i try to fix but i dont know how to set a Hashtable
      } else {
         // Login failed - lets display the error message sent to us
         loginErrorMessage = error;

as you can see i dont know how to call the OnRoomList function i never have used hashtable so i dont know how that works can you give me a hind how i can fix it with the

void OnRoomList(Hashtable roomList){

can someone please explain me how i get to use hashtable for the room list or how i fix this thx i would be happy i try this now for a day and still cant get it to work

Posted: 01 Oct 2010, 23:23
by appels
in your OnLogin function add :

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Once you call that, the OnRoomList will get called.

Posted: 02 Oct 2010, 08:33
by dr-mad
thanks appels that really do the trick

thank you so much i was trying this for 2 days straigt :?

but thanks :wink: :D

Posted: 02 Oct 2010, 11:05
by appels
no problem