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what is the best way to send a position

Posted: 09 Sep 2010, 16:43
by dr-mad
hi what is the best way to send a object's position to the server and back to the client

do i need to make a new extention or can i send a position to the server and send it back

its like so i have a monster but now i want to send the position trough al the clients so that its even

is there any help for a script :?

but lets say do i need to add a C# and then put in the sfs

or can someone at least help me on fixing a script

or at least tel me what i need to put in the script

do i need to make a remote monster or can it be just a normal monster that spawns every time its killed because i made a script that it spawns but its not over the internet so over the server most of it is done but the only thing is that i need to setup a script that handels a position trough all the clients

is this posible so yes could some one please help me

with friendly greets dr-mad :wink:

Posted: 09 Sep 2010, 19:33
by ThomasLund
If you check the island demo it does some of what you want/need without extensions. You usually want to send the entire transform so you also get rotation.

But for almost all situations you want to do an extension based game, so that you can control cheating better + add AI.


Posted: 09 Sep 2010, 19:47
by dr-mad
thx il try to fix some code and for extentions what do you prefer for making a transform send a start to look for that derection im kind of tired right now so i fix some code tomorrow

but i like to know were to start :wink:

but thanks for the help ;)