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1.2.6 released

Posted: 29 Aug 2010, 07:44
by ThomasLund
Hi all,

A very late (sorry) posting about the release of the 1.2.6 API. It got out the 16th of August and is available here:

This is a bug fix release and a single improvement.

* Fixed issue in GetXmlUserVariable + GetXmlRoomVariable when trying to delete variables
* Private messaging bug fixed
* Runtime bug fixed in buddyroom callback

The Connect() method has an improvement where I added overloads so you can either specify an IPAddress or a string with hostname/ip. The hostname lookup in Unity running in browsers has an issue, so manually specifying the IPaddress makes your game run in browsers without an issue (this is fixed in Unity 3). The overloads now let you decide which version you want to use depending on your deployment platform.