SendMessage StartSending has no receiver!

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SendMessage StartSending has no receiver!

Postby appels » 28 Jul 2010, 02:16


I'm altering the Unity3D island demo and i get this error :
SendMessage StartSending has no receiver!

My players don't get spawned.
Any suggestions ?

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Postby lastowl » 25 Aug 2010, 21:11

that errors fine it doesn't effect anything(its the animation sync) what other changes you made?
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Postby ThomasLund » 26 Aug 2010, 05:22

Thats a Unity message where a part of the script uses SendMessage to try to signal another script higher up the hierachy.

The message means that there was no script higher up that received the message - maybe you modified something and forgot to add the receiving script to some parent game object?


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