Can't connect to smartfox server via public ip address!

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Can't connect to smartfox server via public ip address!

Postby daqulazhang » 23 Feb 2010, 09:22

Hi, all
I can not connec to my smartfox server.
I setup the server in one local lan, with one router to connect to public network. I have got one public ip address of this router.
If I connect to the public ip address UNDER the router, I can connect to the server, the connect mode is "SOCKET", that makes sense.
But if I connect to the server from public network, that means outside of the router, from my understanding, now it time for bluebox to do job. But unfortunetly, I can not connec to server, the error message is "IO error: connection refused."
Does anyone have similar experience with me? Pls give me some hint on this, thanks!
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Postby ThomasLund » 24 Feb 2010, 06:47

I'm unsure if this is a Unity issue or not - but my bet is not. Thus you would have a much better chance of a good response in the regular parts of the forums.

My guess:
* NAT firewall in the router that blocks or doesnt route your public IP?
* check the SFS server that is actually is bound to the public IP and port in its config file
* try (from the outside) to telnet on the public IP and port to see if the server answers as a debug tool, to see if its a network issue or a client issue
* make sure your client has the right IP (the public one) in it
* have a friend try from the outside with your game client (or telnet). I know of several routers that cannot route public IPs to the inside network with NAT if you try to connect to its outside public addresses


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