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I think im lost (database login from java cookbook)

Posted: 12 Feb 2010, 23:48
by goldbott
I wanted to learn how to use smartfox to make a MMO style video game with unity so I downloaded the latest API and smartfoxserver and took a look at the docs - then i got horribly lost. I setup eclipse like it said to in the docs (6.9) and I tried to use the "recipe" for the database login extension but I really didn't know exactly what to do - if I directly copy/paste the code I get a ton of errors in eclipse but it doesn't say exactly witch packages to include with it and whenever i use the default it leaves me with about 20 "unresolved" type errors. Could someone help me out?

Posted: 15 Feb 2010, 22:31
by Lapo
probably before venturing into the complexity of an MMO you should probably spend a little more time on the examples we provide and get familiar with those. As regards the usage of Eclipse and such, it sounds like you have skipped some of the docs. In that same tutorial we explain exactly which libraries should be imported, so you shouldn't have compilation errors. At least not because of dependency issues.