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SFS Display in Chinese from access

Posted: 06 Jan 2010, 10:20
by netstabber
How can I use SFS Display in Chinese form access
In SFS demo "Examples/AS2/pro_dbExtensionAdvanced"
i can't Input chinese into access and if access already have chinese on DEMO I just can see "???" and it's same to in U3D FOR SFS I stil can not Display in Chinese form access

please help me thanks

Posted: 06 Jan 2010, 13:29
by netstabber
I find answer how to the FLASH display chinese in web .

The Important thing how can I use SFS to U3D display chinese in access. I know maybe the problem is Chinese in access is not UTF-8
AS and c# is UTF-8. I try to use ASCII to UTF8 softwave let chinese to utf8, then save in access now I can see chinese in U3D .so I want to know is AS or SFS have some function can let chinese in access transform to UTF8 ? if do that I believe U3D FOR SFS can display chinese form access.

who can answer me please my english is so bad.

Posted: 06 Jan 2010, 21:23
by ThomasLund

The API can definitely run with chinese characters. There was an error earlier that got fixed, and the API has been tested with cyrillic & chinese characters by users.

Your issue might be on the Unity end actually.

You need:
1) to use a font that includes the characters you want to display (default font only has western characters)
2) make absolutely certain that your script that contains special characters is saved in UTF8. Unitron by default saves in ascii

That should do it!


Posted: 07 Jan 2010, 00:40
by netstabber
Thomas thank you for answer
But fact

1) I use chinese front in U3D ,I can write chinese in U3D and display ,I also can Experience SFS Chat DEMO I can send chinese message.
2) I never save special characters only chinese.

the Interesting thing is I can write chinese in "sfsExtensions/*as" at Variable and send the Variable to U3D then I can see the chinese
1)U3D can display chinese
2)c# type is uft8
3) sfs can display chinese
4) as type is utf8
5)access type is utf8(I am not sure) if I save chinese form asciiToutf8 softwave in access ,then in U3D Ican see the chinese

so I think the problem is DatabaseManager or config.xml
because AS can not write or read access's chinese, we konw AS and c# is utf8 .then I think maybe DatabaseManager or config.xml type is not utf8

please help me thanks~

Posted: 07 Jan 2010, 11:12
by ThomasLund
Hi again

OK - sorry - I need to understand what the problem is more precisely.

If I understand correctly, it seems that you have problems writing/reading chinese characters from an Access database via SFS. Correct?

And chinese characters work fine in the U3D chat tutorials and displays correctly, correct?

If yes to both, then your best bet is to ask over in the regular parts of the forums, as these parts are primarily for the Unity API itself and not general SFS issues.

I did a quick google, and there are lots of postings about how to read/write chinese text via Java to e.g. files and such.

If I misunderstood the problem, then please try to explain it in detail + maybe post some code snippets.


Posted: 07 Jan 2010, 23:37
by netstabber
Hi Thomas thank you for help

Yes, chinese characters work fine in the U3D ,it can display chinese ,I can use SFS for Chat DEMO send message to each other with chinese.
and we know C#, AS can display chinese because then type is utf8
if write chinese in AS and send to U3D ,it still can display chinese in U3D

so the problem must be SFS server at sfsExtensions/*.as the *.as can not read or write chinese to sql it both same in SFS for flash "\SmartFoxServerPRO_1.6.6\Examples\AS2\13_pro_dbExtensionAdvanced" you can not write or read chinese
then I think maybe DatabaseManager or config.xml type is not utf8

Do you think the problem do not about SFS? maybe just AS can not write or read chinese?

Posted: 08 Jan 2010, 06:53
by ThomasLund

Super - that narrows it down, yes.

I think you should post about your problem in this forum part:


The only ones that look here are the ones that use Unity API. In the above forum you get answers from all the people who work with extensions, and your problem sounds definitely like an extension and/or Access problem (I've never done work on a game using Access - always used a "real" RDBMS like SQL server or MySQL for it).


Posted: 09 Jan 2010, 07:32
by netstabber
thank you for your help :D