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Unity crashes on example two

Posted: 01 Dec 2009, 20:24
by TheClaus
I downloaded the API and can get example one to work no problems. Example 2 will crash unity everytime. I have even tried doing a simple config.xml file for smartfox and it still crashes unity.

Here are the steps I do to reproduce it.

Load up example 2 in editor
Click play
Click Connect (using
Asks for username password and room. Leave defaults or put in username and click login.

Crashes unity out to do I want to send an error report.

Anything else I can try?

Posted: 02 Dec 2009, 05:47
by ThomasLund
Are you by any chance running the lite version of SmartFox?


Posted: 02 Dec 2009, 05:53
by TheClaus
No it is Pro version of Smartfox Server. I haven't changed anything with the server. Installed and run it as standalone. Every once in a while I can get it up to the chat room but it is very rare.

Is there some log I should look at for this?