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Dropped Msgs and MaxMsgLen with Unity

Posted: 13 Nov 2009, 23:57
by kaligus

please, need some help on this. I search for something related in other foruns here, found somethings but I need to take a doubt out.

My game clients are sending to much information I think to the server... if I increase the MaxMsgLen, the users are not disconnect due to dropped msg (set to 1), but then, some players got their movement not sync good with others (in my screen I saw player 2 in front of me, but he sees me behind him)...

Somebody can help me do decrease this?
The MaxMsgLen is set to 20000... I think thats too much, right? Is this maybe the sync problem?

Posted: 15 Nov 2009, 09:54
by ThomasLund
Hey kaligus

First question would be if you only see this with the Unity API or in general with SFS.

Personally I'm not familiar with any issues in that end (first time I hear about it).

Maybe try to post on the "regular" SFS parts of the forums and ask there. They might have some knowledge of this issue.

And please report back if you get an answer there or not

Also - if they read still here - some of the other developers who have used the Unity API in their MMOs (Friends Hangout for example) - maybe they can help with their experience.


Posted: 15 Nov 2009, 13:19
by kaligus
Thanks for the reply, Thomas. You really make a good help :wink:

Sorry, but what do you mean with "only see this with Unity API or in general with SFS"? Something about, the island demo having the same problem?

And if I make another post of the same subject and text will be good? I mean, the moderators will not complain?

I did not know there is already a MMO made with Unity API and SFS... thanks very good news....

Posted: 15 Nov 2009, 13:27
by ThomasLund
Hey - what I mean is that you might have seen the same problem with an e.g. flash test example or so. Guess not :-)

There are a few MMO and MMO like games/chatrooms. The one I know specifically that is live for quite some time is this one.